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Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un Meet Again Today

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet in Hanoi, Vietnam. They discuss about peaceful future in Asia.

Rami Malek Won Best Actor in Oscar 2019!

Rami Malek, who starred Bohemian Rhapsody, won Best Actor in Oscar 2019 So, how much do you know about him?

The Largest Bee in the World, Found in Maluku!

Recently, Wallace giant bee, the largest bee, have been found in Maluku Island after lost in 38 years What do you know about Bee?

Samsung's Foldable Phone: Galaxy Fold

You could fold this new phone and able to run three apps simultaneously

Karl Lagerfeld, A Legendary Designer Passed Away

Behind every branded fashion, there is always a legendary mastermind Rest in Peace, Karl

Rare Black Panther Photographed for the First Time in a...

Black Panther appears in Kenya. This astounding animal is rarely found in Africa

Pope’s Visit to Middle East, Calling for Peace and Justice

Pope Francis visited UAE on Monday, to promote ties with Muslim countries, sending peace and justice message all over the world

US Midwest is Freezing

Midwest US was freezing on Thursday. Although things get better, Let’s pray the weather get normal as soon as possible!

All you need to know about : Super Blood Wolf Moon

Super Blood Wolf Moon will happen this day. This is a good news for astronomers, stargazers and sky lovers. Be ready, you won’t see...

Brexit is Heating UK Politics

Parliament rejected UK’s Prime Minister proposal on Brexit, a UK planned withdrawal from European Union. This is heating UK’s politics...

Ivanka Trump for World Bank President?

A suprising news, Ivanka Trump is one of the possible candidate of World Bank president. Ivanka may not known as economist, but she...

More Than 1 Year, Qatar Still Survives the Blockade

On June 2017, Qatar was blockaded by its Gulf neighbors, in land, sea and airspace. But, this small country is still survive. Qatar’s...

Wisata Kuliner

Mie Terbang

Mie Terbang bisa kamu temukan di restoran Tempat Makan Kekinian milik Salman di Jalan Rafflesia, Kota Bengkulu dengan jam operasional 10.00 hingga 21.30 malam.

Inga Raya

Kamu bisa datang ke rumah makan ini di Jln. Pasar Pantai Kota Bengkulu pada pukul 9 pagi hingga 9 malam.

Ikan Marola

Restoran di Bengkulu yang beralamat di Jln. Garuda Pariwisata ini menyajikan makanan sajian laut khas Kota Bengkulu.