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Sumatran Rhino, Unique but Threatened

Sumatran rhinos are unique, known for their small body, long hair and two horns. But, they are under threat Follow AKUTAHU untuk mendapatkan...

Komodo, Indonesian Exotic Dragon

Indonesian police foils attempt to smuggling 41 komodo dragons out of the country. So, why komodo is so important to smuggle out?

World’s Rarest Orangutan Lives in Tapanuli

Tapanuli orangutan is one of endangered species in the world. What do you know about this animal?

Sri Lanka, Pearl of Indian Ocean

Need a holiday alternative? Sri Lanka could be a best place to look on. A country with rich wildlife and outstanding history, Sri...

World’s Most Critically Endangered Animals

Our planet has exotic and rich wildlife with diverse animals. However, they are threatened, and thousands of them are critically endangered...