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Oscar Nominations 2020

30 Jan, 2020

The Academy Awards (Oscar) 2020 countdown is on! Which movie should win Oscar for Best Picture?

Introduction to US Congress

24 Dec, 2019

What are the differences between the Senate and the House of Representatives? Follow us, add your knowledge

Top 3 Most Influential Muslims 2019

9 Oct, 2019

The annual publication is compiled by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center in Jordan, highlights people who are influential as Muslims Follow us, add your knowledge

Underpopulated, Molise is a "Ghost Town" In Italy

20 Sep, 2019

Do you want to get cash and being Molise's citizen? Follow us, add your knowledge!

Life Lessons from Jack Ma

13 Sep, 2019

What do you think of Jack Ma? What do you learn from him? Follow us, add your knowledge

Top 3 Safest Cities in the World 2019

4 Sep, 2019

Here are the safest cities in the world 2019 Follow us, add your knowledge

Mystery of Greenland

28 Aug, 2019

Recently, President Donald Trump said he was interested in buying Greenland Follow us, add your knowledge

Spider-Man Leaves Marvel?

21 Aug, 2019

If Sony and Disney can't come to a deal, Spider-Man might not be in Marvel movies in the near future Follow us add your knowledge

Celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day in Other Countries

19 Aug, 2019

Indonesia's netizen celebrate Independence Day in other countries Follow us, add your knowledge

Crisis in Hong Kong

14 Aug, 2019

Protes di Hong Kong terus berlanjut, membuat penerbangan dihentikan, Selasa (13/8 Follow us, add your knowledge

The Lion King: The Adventure of Simba

30 Jul, 2019

Have you ever watched Lion King during your childhood day? Then, you should watch its newer version! Follow us, add your knowledge

Oldest Mummies Found in Chile Not Egypt

26 Jul, 2019

Wow! The oldest mummy are in Chile, not Egypt as many people think! Follow us, add your knowledge