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In Memoriam, 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

It was 14 years ago. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, followed by Tsunami, killed many people and brought so much destructions. May peace...

Christmas Traditions Around The World

Christmas is coming! Maybe, it is nice to know more about Christmas traditions around the world. Merry Christmas, God bless us all!

Cordoba, The City with 4 UNESCO Heritages

Holiday is coming! Cordoba, the city with 4 UNESCO heritages, may be a best option for you to travel. Who wants to visit Cordoba?

Deer Poacher Sentenced to Watch Bambi Multiple Times

David Berry killed unbelievable number of deer, causing the judge to order him watching Bambi, during his sentence. This animated...

15-Year-Old Girl Encourages Climate Change Protestors

A 15 year old, Greta Thunberg, is young, but she has done many things to act against climate change. What have you done at age 15?

Fatal Train Crash in Turkey, Several Died

A train crash occurred in Turkey, leaving nine dead and dozens injured. However, the cause is still unknown. Pray for the victims

Dracula Ant, The Fastest Animal on Earth

Move aside cheetah and peregrine falcon . Now, the new study published on The Royal Society Publishing, Wednesday, (12/12), found...

Huawei, Chinese Technology Giant

Huawei becomes spotlight, as one of its executive, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested by Canadian authorities on 1 December 2018. What makes...

Public Transport in Luxembourg Will Free in 2020

Luxembourg, a small country in Europe is eager to abolish public transportation fare in 2020, reducing traffic jams and making the...

Yellow Vest in Action, France is on Alert

Until today, France is facing The Yellow Vest protesters, who demand social justice and the resignation of French President Emmanuel...

Ryan, The Million Dollar Boy

Ryan, The highest-earning YouTube star in the world is an elementary-school kid who makes millions reviewing toys. Oh, what a happy...

Pesta Diskon 11.11

Pesta diskon 11.11 menjadi surga belanja bagi pembeli di seluruh dunia, membuat e-commerce berlomba-lomba tawarkan berbagai layanan.