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More Than 1 Year, Qatar Still Survives the Blockade

On June 2017, Qatar was blockaded by its Gulf neighbors, in land, sea and airspace. But, this small country is still survive. Qatar’s...

Global Economy Is Going Dark

World Bank is warning against future global economic slowdown due to many problems. Are you still optimist?

76th Golden Globe Awards Highlights

76th Golden Globe Awards were held on last Sunday (6/1). These prestigious award were given to those who were dedicated to film and...

Malaysia’s Yang di Pertuan Agong, Resigned

Sultan Muhammad V has resigned as Malaysia’s Yang di Pertuan Agong. He is known as a popular and humble monarch among his people....

Vegetarianism Can Save the World

Vegetarianism is getting popular in richer countries. Perhaps, they have already realized the benefits. Should all of us become vegetarian?

Different New Year Around the World

1 January is not the only New Year’s Day. Other cultures too, have their own New Year’s Day, with their own unique calendars. We wish...

A City in Japan Pays Cash for Citizens with More Children

Nagi decides to give money for any couple who has a children. This is a good news for a young couple. So, who wants to move to Nagi?