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Former London Mayor is the New UK's Prime Minister

Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes UK’s new Prime Minister! Follow us, add your knowedge!

Notre Dame, France’s Historic Cathedral

Recently, Notre Dame in France is ravaged by fire causing shock in France and around the world Why Notre Dame Matters?

The Largest Underwater Restaurant is Opened

World’s largest underwater restaurant has opened in Norway, interested?

Cordoba, The City with 4 UNESCO Heritages

Holiday is coming! Cordoba, the city with 4 UNESCO heritages, may be a best option for you to travel. Who wants to visit Cordoba?

Yellow Vest in Action, France is on Alert

Until today, France is facing The Yellow Vest protesters, who demand social justice and the resignation of French President Emmanuel...

Tenea, Ancient Lost City Emerges

Lost city, mentioned in ancient text, Tenea was uncovered on Tuesday (14/11). Dated probably 3000 years old, this city highlights...

Official: Germany to Host Euro 2024

Congratulation! Germany has won Euro 2024 bid, a championship involving national footballs teams in Europe, after beating Turkey in...