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Sumatran Rhino, Unique but Threatened

Sumatran rhinos are unique, known for their small body, long hair and two horns. But, they are under threat Follow AKUTAHU untuk mendapatkan...

Songkran, Thai Water Party

If you go to Thailand in April, don’t mind to participate in Songkran. You will get wet!

Ezra Walian Gagal Perkuat Timnas U-23

FIFA melarang PSSI menurunkan Ezra Walian untuk memperkuat Timnas Indonesia di kualifikasi Piala Asia U-23. Siapakah Ezra Walian?

History of India-Pakistan Relationship

Relations between India and Pakistan have been complex and largely hostile due to a number of historical and political events. Why?

Indonesia Calon Tuan Rumah Olimpiade 2032

Setelah berhasil di Asian Games 2018, Indonesia resmi mengajukan diri sebagai tuan rumah Olimpiade 2032. Yuk, kita dukung!

A City in Japan Pays Cash for Citizens with More Children

Nagi decides to give money for any couple who has a children. This is a good news for a young couple. So, who wants to move to Nagi?

APEC Summit 2018 Wraps Up

APEC 30th summit, held in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, finally closed on Sunday (18/11). Although APEC summit is designed to promote...

Vietnam Will Host F1 Grand Prix in 2020

Vienam will host Formula One (F1) Grand Prix in April 2020. Currently, only three Asian countries that host this prestigious race...

For Love, Japanese Princess Renounced Her Royal Title

Japanese princess, Ayako, surrendered her royal title after marrying her loved one, a commoner named Kei Moriya. This caused a problem...

Today: Asian Para Games 2018 Opening

Don’t miss it! Today is the opening ceremony of Asian Para Games 2018, the biggest sport competition for disabled athletes in Asia....

Happy Independence Day, Armenia!

Armenia declared their independence from Soviet Union on 21 September 1991. This nation has long and interesting history. Do you want...