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Life Journey of Jack Ma

3 Sep, 2018

Yesterday, Jack Ma, a billionaire with $38,2 billion worth, visited Jakarta to meet President Joko Widodo and attend Asian Games 2018 closing ceremony. How well do you know Jack Ma?

Asian Games 2018 Highlights

2 Sep, 2018

Asian Games 2018 will officially end tomorrow. Indonesia has successfully organized Asian Games 2018. These are important occasions that happened during Asian Games. May our sport continue to flourish in the future!

In Memoriam Diana Spencer, People’s Princess

31 Aug, 2018

Today is 21st death anniversary of Lady Diana. She had dedicated her life for the welfare of humanity. Thank you for your legacy, Lady Di.

UN Proposes Rohingya Genocide Charges to Myanmar Military Officials

28 Aug, 2018

UN has stated that Myanmar top military official must face Rohingya genocide charge. UN investigators collected evidences from many sources, indicating that Myanmar army has committed genocide. Do you agree if Myanmar military top official must be tried in international court?

eSports in Asian Games 2018

27 Aug, 2018

Nowadays, eSport is very popular. This video game competition is now included in Asian Games 2018, despite it is just a demonstration. Do you want eSport to be included in Olympics?

Things You Should Know About Tsunami

26 Aug, 2018

As an archipelagic country which is located in the ring of fire, tsunami is one of Indonesia's threat. How do we, Indonesian, survive the tsunami?

Confirmed: Australia Has New Prime Minister Today

24 Aug, 2018

Australia has elected a new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Who is he? And what are his political views? May the new Prime Minister can strengthen Australia and Indonesia relationship.

Aeolus, The First Satellite Measuring Earth’s Wind Patterns, Lifts Off

23 Aug, 2018

A breakthrough weather satellite has been launched in French Guiana. Aeolus, named from Greek god of wind, is set to analyze wind behaviors across the Earth from space and could improve our weather forecast. Good luck for the adventure, Aeolus! May the wind be in your favor.