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Tag: Viral

These Countries Ban 737 MAX 8 to Fly

Kemenhub baru saja melarang penerbangan pesawat Boeing 737 MAX 8. Ternyata, negara lain juga melakukan hal yang sama

Bingung antara Harvard dan Stanford? Ini Perbandingannya

Kamu bingung saat diterima di Harvard dan Stanford? Tenang saja, tabel ini bisa membantumu memilih mana yang terbaik!

Samsung's Foldable Phone: Galaxy Fold

You could fold this new phone and able to run three apps simultaneously

US Midwest is Freezing

Midwest US was freezing on Thursday. Although things get better, Let’s pray the weather get normal as soon as possible!

Terima Kasih, Butet!

Liliyana Natsir resmi mengakhiri karirnya sebagai atlet bulutangkis. Terima kasih Butet! Jasamu kami kenang selalu.

Madagaskar, Saudara Jauh Indonesia di Afrika

Madagaskar mungkin jauh di mata, namun dekat di hati. Mereka adalah kerabat jauh kita di Afrika

All you need to know about : Super Blood Wolf Moon

Super Blood Wolf Moon will happen this day. This is a good news for astronomers, stargazers and sky lovers. Be ready, you won’t see...

Brexit is Heating UK Politics

Parliament rejected UK’s Prime Minister proposal on Brexit, a UK planned withdrawal from European Union. This is heating UK’s politics...

Ivanka Trump for World Bank President?

A suprising news, Ivanka Trump is one of the possible candidate of World Bank president. Ivanka may not known as economist, but she...

Global Economy Is Going Dark

World Bank is warning against future global economic slowdown due to many problems. Are you still optimist?

2019 Films to Inspire Your Travels

Have no idea to watch in 2019? These films could be a reference. Highly recommended to travelers. So, which want do you expect will...

3D-Printed Motorbike Will Be Available Soon

A German manufacturing company has released a new design of World’s first 3D-printed electric motorbike. Looks like, 3D printing is...