Wayang, Warisan Budaya Indonesia

Wayang adalah seni pertunjukan Indonesia yang telah ditetapkan sebagai warisan budaya tak benda oleh UNESCO di tahun 2003

US-Israel Formally Quit UNESCO

US-Israel has announced their formal withdrawal from UNESCO due to their perception on UNESCO as anti-Israel bias organization. Do...

Cordoba, The City with 4 UNESCO Heritages

Holiday is coming! Cordoba, the city with 4 UNESCO heritages, may be a best option for you to travel. Who wants to visit Cordoba?

Pisa Tower Almost Stands Upright

Pisa Tower is often known as leaning tower. But now, it will change. Experts have decided to straighten the tower, to save the building...

New UNESCO’S World Heritage List

Unesco announces new heritage sites around the world. Being listed gives them legal protection under international treaties.