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Hongkong Protests Continues

Hong Kong citizens keep protesting due to proposed extradition bills Stay safe, everyone! Follow us, add your knowledge

The Highlights of G20 Summit 2019

Here is the highlight of G20 summit in Osaka. What do you think? Follow us, add your knowledge

National Crisis in Venezuela

Let us pray so that the crisis in Venezuela will end soon. Follow us, add your knowledge

Unusual Laws Around the World

These countries have unusual laws, probably dropping your jaw

History of India-Pakistan Relationship

Relations between India and Pakistan have been complex and largely hostile due to a number of historical and political events. Why?

Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un Meet Again Today

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet in Hanoi, Vietnam. They discuss about peaceful future in Asia.

Brexit is Heating UK Politics

Parliament rejected UK’s Prime Minister proposal on Brexit, a UK planned withdrawal from European Union. This is heating UK’s politics...

More Than 1 Year, Qatar Still Survives the Blockade

On June 2017, Qatar was blockaded by its Gulf neighbors, in land, sea and airspace. But, this small country is still survive. Qatar’s...

Yellow Vest in Action, France is on Alert

Until today, France is facing The Yellow Vest protesters, who demand social justice and the resignation of French President Emmanuel...

Russia-Ukraine Tense Rising

Russia and Ukraine are neighbors and share same root and history. But, their relation is poor. They need to do dialogue, to build...

G20 is Coming

G20 summit is scheduled to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, today. This forum is highly significant, as it brights together leaders...

APEC Summit 2018 Wraps Up

APEC 30th summit, held in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, finally closed on Sunday (18/11). Although APEC summit is designed to promote...