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This Year Emmy Awards Nomination

Emmy Awards, a prestigious television awards, has announced their actor/serials nomination Follow us, add your knowledge

Indonesian Coal Mine Included in UNESCO World Heritage...

Congratulations, Ombilin mining site has been included in UNESCO World Heritage. So proud... Would you mind to visit there? Follow...

Hongkong Protests Continues

Hong Kong citizens keep protesting due to proposed extradition bills Stay safe, everyone! Follow us, add your knowledge

The Highlights of G20 Summit 2019

Here is the highlight of G20 summit in Osaka. What do you think? Follow us, add your knowledge

New Digital Currency by Facebook, in 2020!

Libra will be launched in 2020 by Facebook. What do you think about it? Follow us, add your knowledge

National Crisis in Venezuela

Let us pray so that the crisis in Venezuela will end soon. Follow us, add your knowledge

Space Trip by NASA, in 2020!

Who wants to travel to space with NASA? Follow AKUTAHU untuk mendapatkan informasi positif dan menarik yang menambah wawasanmu

Flying Taxi from Germany

Here comes, the future of transportation Follow us, add your knowledge

Avengers: Endgame, Is This The End?

The last sequel of Marvel’s Avenges superheroes film, get ready to feel the sensation Anybody has watched it? Do not spoiler! Follow...

Sumatran Rhino, Unique but Threatened

Sumatran rhinos are unique, known for their small body, long hair and two horns. But, they are under threat Follow AKUTAHU untuk mendapatkan...

Notre Dame, France’s Historic Cathedral

Recently, Notre Dame in France is ravaged by fire causing shock in France and around the world Why Notre Dame Matters?

Songkran, Thai Water Party

If you go to Thailand in April, don’t mind to participate in Songkran. You will get wet!