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Inspirasi dari Mohamed Salah

Bukan hanya keahliannya di sepakbola, Mohamed Salah punya banyak hal inspiratif lainnya Follow kami, dapatkan pengetahuan menarik!

Rami Malek Won Best Actor in Oscar 2019!

Rami Malek, who starred Bohemian Rhapsody, won Best Actor in Oscar 2019 So, how much do you know about him?

Pope’s Visit to Middle East, Calling for Peace and Justice

Pope Francis visited UAE on Monday, to promote ties with Muslim countries, sending peace and justice message all over the world

More Than 1 Year, Qatar Still Survives the Blockade

On June 2017, Qatar was blockaded by its Gulf neighbors, in land, sea and airspace. But, this small country is still survive. Qatar’s...

Dawn for Yemen, Peace Talk is Being Held

The future of devastated Yemen is promising, since a peace talk is being held in Stockholm between both sides to end civil war. Facilitated...