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Kategori : Internasional

Holiday is coming! Cordoba, the city with 4 UNESCO heritages, may be a best option for you to travel. Who wants to visit Cordoba?

22 Dec, 2018

Manchester United is seeking a new manager. These people are the popular candidates among netizens. Who do you think is the most suitable? Glory, Glory, Man Utd!

21 Dec, 2018

The tomb found recently in Egypt well-preserved condition. The color is almost intact 4.400-year-old It is the final resting place of a royal priest who, according to one excavation official, really loved his mom.

20 Dec, 2018

David Berry killed unbelievable number of deer, causing the judge to order him watching Bambi, during his sentence. This animated film is about the deer, and it is one of the best classical film in America. Do you love watching Bambi?

19 Dec, 2018

A 15 year old, Greta Thunberg, is young, but she has done many things to act against climate change. What have you done at age 15?

18 Dec, 2018

Tokyo Disneyland is called as the happiest place on earth for holiday. It is based on survey from Instagram's users. Make the dreams come true. It's called as the dream and magical kingdom for any age. Why?

17 Dec, 2018

For those who live in Indonesia, A glass of Cendol is important as dope in the hot weather. It is a popular streetfood in the hot weather, and has spread to other countries. Can you imagine living without cendol in the hot weather?

16 Dec, 2018

A train crash occurred in Turkey, leaving nine dead and dozens injured. However, the cause is still unknown. Pray for the victims

14 Dec, 2018

Move aside cheetah and peregrine falcon . Now, the new study published on The Royal Society Publishing, Wednesday, (12/12), found dracula ant is the fastest animal on earth. The dracula ant is called animal with powerful systems. Why?

13 Dec, 2018

Time magazine announced its 2018’s “Person of the Year” on Tuesday (11/12). Who are they and why they were nominated? Truth never fades.

12 Dec, 2018

Nowadays, screen time is usual for children. However, Recent study, it effects on children's brain according to recent study published on Monday, (10/12). The study monitoring how screens are changing young brain!

11 Dec, 2018

Huawei becomes spotlight, as one of its executive, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested by Canadian authorities on 1 December 2018. What makes Huawei important and why? What we can learn from Huawei?

10 Dec, 2018