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Kategori : Internasional

Today, Muslim all over the world celebrate the first day of Islamic New Year. Some muslim-majority countries have their own customs on commemorating Islamic New Year. Happy Islamic New Year 1440 H to Muslims all over the world! May this year brings blessings and prosperity!

11 Sep, 2018

Amazon is the second company in the world that reach US $ 1 trillion after Apple. Do you wanna work at Amazon?

10 Sep, 2018

You are lucky. Indonesia has a lot of exceptional places to visit. Of course, you can add these places at your travel bucket list. Happy holiday, y’all!

8 Sep, 2018

Yesterday, Earthquake has struck in Hokkaido, Japan. Natural disasters are often occurred in Japan. Yet, this country has sophisticated technologies to face natural disasters. Do you know technologies that Japan use to prepare and overcome it?

8 Sep, 2018

In the past days, rupiah has dropped against dollar near 15.000 per 1 USD. However, global economic factors also influence this condition. What can we do to save Rupiah?

6 Sep, 2018

Remembering 21st death anniversary of Mother Teresa, who had inspired millions of people for doing good deeds until now. You are always in our hearts, Mother Teresa.

5 Sep, 2018

Be prepare! Tomorrow, there will be torch relay for Asian Para games 2018, marking 30-day countdown to event. Are you excited for Asian Para Games 2018?

4 Sep, 2018

Yesterday, Jack Ma, a billionaire with $38,2 billion worth, visited Jakarta to meet President Joko Widodo and attend Asian Games 2018 closing ceremony. How well do you know Jack Ma?

3 Sep, 2018

Asian Games 2018 will officially end tomorrow. Indonesia has successfully organized Asian Games 2018. These are important occasions that happened during Asian Games. May our sport continue to flourish in the future!

2 Sep, 2018

Today is 21st death anniversary of Lady Diana. She had dedicated her life for the welfare of humanity. Thank you for your legacy, Lady Di.

31 Aug, 2018

Brace yourself. For the next of two decades, Asia Pacific may see the higher demand of commercial airline pilot due the increase of passenger numbers. It is not too late to enroll in aviation school. So, do you wanna be a pilot?

29 Aug, 2018

UN has stated that Myanmar top military official must face Rohingya genocide charge. UN investigators collected evidences from many sources, indicating that Myanmar army has committed genocide. Do you agree if Myanmar military top official must be tried in international court?

28 Aug, 2018